Yoga Classes, workshops, retreats and private tailored yoga sessions for individuals, couples and small groups.

I teach hatha yoga and meditation. I run regular classes, workshops, retreats and private tailored sessions for individuals, couples and groups. I have a lovely Yoga Room in my home at Blackloch in Perthshire, Scotland. I am happy to be invited to other places to teach.  My sessions include a mixture of cleansing techniques (Kriyas), breath work (Pranayama), postures (Asana) & Meditation. I am particularly interested in exploring practically how yoga practices and philosophy can be a great support to our growth and well being in day to day living.  I often say the whole of life is practise and yoga has the tools and means to help with this.

Yoga Classes

Everyone can benefit from yoga. There is always something we can practise to support our well being whatever age and stage we are in life.

Private Sessions

These sessions are tailored to your interests and needs.If you are new to yoga it can be a good way to start. It can also be helpful if you would like guidance and support for a regular home practice.

Yoga Retreats

Taking time out on Retreat is an opportunity to reflect and reaffirm practises to support our well being.



I went to my first yoga class with my mother in the late 1970’s. A seed was sown! Over the years I have continued to practise and learn from many schools of yoga.

In 2002 I met my most influential yoga teacher Sri OP Tiwariji at Kaivalyadhama. Since then I have made many trips to India and Thailand to study with him. I am most grateful for his on going guidance. There is no end to this journey!

I am drawn to the teachings of the great Spiritual Teachers across traditions like Maharishi Patanjali, Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ  Laozi, Rumi. The one thing I find in common is that the words from the texts touch my heart and there activates an understanding beyond words.

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